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 Nursing Educational Institutes


The School of Nursing is one of the component of the Pakistan Institute of medical Sciences Islamabad.  The School of Nursing organized in September 14 1987.  Basic General Nursing training started from 1 October 1987 and School of Midwifery starts in 1992.  The School of Nursing is affiliated with Nursing Board, Lahore-Pakistan.  The total covered area will be 19942Sq.f.t and that of hostel will be 43485sq.ft. 000


College of Nursing at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad has been in existence since February 1987 and was initiated through friendly cooperation between the Japanese and Pakistan Governments with funds from JICA.  Total covered area of the college is 70,000 sqft.  The College of Nursing imparts post basis training in the specialized field of nursing with at least 5years experience after being qualified nurse. 000


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