Department of Blood Bank

The Blood bank in PIMS is a fully established department. It has been providing the blood transfusion services ever sine the indoor department became functional. Over the years the demand for blood and its components have gradually increased. The blood bank has been able to cope with all such requirements to the satisfaction of the user departments. It has successfully face the challenges arising due to disasters/emergency situations like major accidents and bomb blasts etc.

Besides I.H/PIMS the blood transfusion services are also extended to children hospital, MCH Centre NORI hospital and private hospitals.

Whole blood and packed cells are issued to surgical, medical and obstetric wards according to their requirement. Blood components like platelets and FFP are provided to all patients. All blood donations are screened for Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis D HIV with sophisticated ELISA method. We perform Rh antibody detection and combs test as well.

PIMS, blood bank has the capability of performing procedures like plateletpheresis, plasmapheresis and leukopheresis.

Blood Bank is fully Computerized and linked to the fully integrated hospital management information system of PIMS.

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