Department of Dentistry


  • Prof. Zahoor Ahmed. [BDS , MDS] (HOD Dental Dept/ Chairman OMFS)
  • Prof. Zahoor Ahmed. [BDS , MDS] (HOD Dental Dept/ Chairman OMFS)
  • Dr. Muhammad Umar Farooq [BDS,MDS] (Associate Professor)
  • Dr. Shehryar Akhtar [BDS,FCPS ](Assistant Professor)
  • Dr. Iffat Aziz , [BDS] (Medical Officer/ADS)
  • Dr. Abdul wali Khan [BDS] ( Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Wajiha Mohsin. [BDS ] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Ali Iftikhar. [BDS, MCPS] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Anam Iqbal. [BDS, FCPS] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Maria Tahir. [BDS,FCPS ] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Faheem Ahmed.[ BDS] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Tanvir Ahmed. [BDS] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Shahryar khan. [BDS] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Faheem Nake. [ BDS ] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Maryam Asif. [BDS] (Medical Officer /ADS)
  • Dr. Rida. [BDS] (Medical Officer /ADS)


  • The Oral and Maxillofacial surgery department (OMFS)is an auxiliary unit of dental department having out door and indoor facilities.
  • Since it’s inception in 1986 the department has come a long way both in terms of patient care as well as training of future surgeons.
  • Post graduate training programs like MDS and FCPS are also being offered at this department and a number of post graduate students have passed their degree in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from this prestigious institute and serving in the various part of the country.
  • The department in its limited resources tries its best to help and treat patients.
  • A lot of people coming from far flung areas are taken good care by the doctors available
  • A team of doctors are available round the clock and specialists are always approachable who together with their dedication and efforts have not only helped the patients but have made the department grow and flourish.


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