Department of Gen. Surgery

Head of Department : Prof.S.H.Waqar

Brief detail about Department :

  • The Department of General Surgery has been providing its professional services since 1987.
  • The department is divided into four units.
    • Unit I is headed by Professor Dr Tanveer khalik, who is also Head of Department.
    • Unit II is headed by Professor Dr S H Waqar.
    • Unit III is headed Associate Professor Dr Mumtaz A K Niazi.
    • Unit IV is headed Associate Professor Dr Atif Inam Shami.
  • Here, immense emphasis is laid not only on enhancement of patient care but also on the quality of academic activities and training program.
  • OPD, Emergency and OT days are divided amongst the four units equally divided.
  • In door facilities are available at Surgical Ward 5 and 6 with a sum total of 80 beds which are extended with the addition of extra beds, HDU, MW2, and Private Ward especially to accommodate the load from On-Call days.

The department's surgical outcomes are consistently of a high standard. While its main focus is always on providing safe & high-quality care to its patients, the department is also active in the fields of research, training and teaching. It is intimately linked to the Shaheed Zulfiqar Bhutto Medical University and teaches medical students of the Federal Medical and Dental College. The department is also a training centre for surgeons-in-training within the College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan.

Specialist advice is provided in the areas of Minimal Invasive And Laparoscopic Surgery,Vasccular surgery, Hepatobilliary and Pancreatic surgery, Breast Surgery,Bariatric Surgery, Upper Gastro intestinal and colorectal surgery,Thoracic surgery, Stoma care clinic, diabetic foot clinic


1. Dr Tanveer Khaliq Professor 20 MBBS, FCPS,FRCS, MCPS- HPE
2. Dr S H Waqar Professor 20 MBBS,FCPS, MCPS- HPE
3. Dr Mumtaz AK Niazi Assistant Professor 18 MBBS,FCPS
4. DR Atif Inam Shami Assistant Professor 18 MBBS,FCPS, FRCS
5. Dr Tariq Abdullah Assistant Professor 18 MBBS,FCPS
6. DR Muhammad Fahim Ahsan Senior Registrar 18 MBBS, MCPS, FCPS
7. Dr Sajid Ali Shah Senior Registrar 18 MBBS, MRCS FCPS
8. Dr Burhan ul Haq Medical Officer 17 MBBS,FCPS
9. Dr Amber Senior Registrar 18 MBBS,FCPS
10 Dr Nazia Ishaq Medical Officer 17 MBBS,FCPS
11. Dr Shahista Zafar Medical Officer 17 MBBS, MRCS,FCPS
12. Dr Arifa Manzoor Medical Officer 17 MBBS,FCPS, MHPE
13. Dr Tashfeen Medical Officer 17 MBBS,FCPS
14. Dr Sana Sharafat Medical Officer 17 MBBS, MRCS,FCPS
15. Dr Abeer Irshad Medical Officer 17 MBBS, MRCS
16. DR Isbah Medical Officer 17 MBBS
17. Dr Anum Iftakhar Medical Officer 17 MBBS
18. Dr Fahad Akbar Medical Officer 17 MBBS

General Surgery Unit I

General Surgery Unit II


Dr Tanveer Khaliq

Assistant Prfessor

Dr Tariq Abdullah

Medical Officer

Dr Nazia Ishaq

Dr Sana Sharafat

Dr. Tayyab Azam

Dr. Komail Malik


Dr S H Waqar

Senior Registrar

Dr Muhammad Fahim Ahsan

Dr Sajid Ali Shah

Medical Officer

Dr. Isbah Rashid

Dr Anum Iftakhar

DR Fahad Akhtar

General Surgery Unit III

General Surgery Unit IV

Assistant Professor

Dr Mumtaz AK Niazi

Senior Registrar

Dr Amber

Medical Officer

Dr Shahista Zafar

Dr Arifa Manzoor

Dr Abeer Irshad

Dr. Saba Ali Ch

Dr. Namrah Mehmood

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sohaib Khalid

Assistant Professor

Dr Atif Inam Shami

Medical Officer

Dr Burhan ul Haq

Dr Tashfeen

Dr. Afsa Ahmed Awan

Dr. Basit Mukhtar

Dr. Aqsa Rafiq

Dr. Rabia Saleem

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