Department of Hospital Management Information System

Muhammad Arshad

Incharge HMIS
Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS)

PIMS to be role model for all other Public sector Hospitals of Pakistan

Initial PC-1 for Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Computerization has been approved by Ministry of Information Technology (MOIT). The total cost of the PC-1 is Rs: 37.8 millions , then further extended in 2009 by Ministry of NITB 48.6 Millions in PIMS . PIMS is the first tertiary care Public sector hospital to have its HMIS PC-1 approved. A unique feature of computerization at PIMS was the determination of PIMS to initiate this program through donations in 1996.

It started with 02 computers in Department of Pathology and today PIMS has a network of 70 computers using fully integrated HMIS software. This feat has to date been achieved through public -private partnership.

The following modules are already under various stages of implementation throughout Islamabad Hospital.

    Patient Registration Doctor Consultation Admission discharge Pharmacy Laboratory Budget Accounts Stores Human Resources

The benefits of a fully integrated HMIS are multiple. These include benefit for
Patient, Doctors and Management. These benefits translate in better management, efficiency and transparency

Executive Director PIMS Syed Fazle Hadi took keen personal interest in this project and it is because of his untiring efforts that today PIMS is the leader in HMIS. The MOH showed great interest in this project and it gave its blessing.

The MO IT appreciating the keenness of PIMS and its efforts in initiating and maintaining this project since 1996 were pleased to approve this PC-1. The PC-1 provides for all hardware networking and funds for training of staff. This project inshallah will be completed in 27 months.

Contact Information

Luqman Ali (System Analyst)

Hospital Management Information System
E-Mail: hmis@pims.gov.pk



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