Department of Neonatology

Head Of Department: Dr.Shireen gul(Associate Professor).

The neonatology department provides services to the newborns of two components of PIMS is Children Hospital and MCH center. It is the largest tertiary careneonatal unit in public sector catering for a vast area including Kashmir, KPK and upper Punjab.  Over 9000 sick newborns are brought to our department per year for the treatment of their ailments. We have over 4000 admissions and around 9000 short duration admissions annually.

The department was commissioned in 1985 as a part of Children Hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad and later extended to Maternal & Child Health Center in 1999.

The department consists of two units. One is based in the Children Hospital and consists of an 18 bedded ICU, 6 general ward beds and an independent Outdoor Patient Department.  The Neonatal ICU is equipped with tertiary care facilities including neonatal ventilation.  The other unit is based in Maternal & Child Health Center and consists of a 14 bedded neonatal care unit caring for over 14000 deliveries annually.

Our neonatal OPD is functioning in the Children

Hospital OPD block and is a busy OPD catering for:

Around 70 new cases /day

Follow ups by consultants

Antenatal Consultations

Counseling sessions

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