Department of Pathology

Head Of Department: Prof. Ahmreen khalid Sheikh.

Pathology department is vibrant and dynamically active in patient care, teaching, research administration and coordination. It caters patients of Islamabad / Rawalpindi, ICT & Northern areas of Pakistan. The Department started functioning in 1986.It has 5 sections and 4 physical locations. The sections include Histopathology & cytopathology, Hematology, Chemical Pathology, Microbiology & Immunology, Blood transfusion services. The laboratories are located at Islamabad Hospital, Children Hospital, Mother & Child Health (MCH) centre and Burn Centre (BC).

Workload of Department:

Approximately 0.5 million Patients and 3 million tests / year entertained in Pathology department. Procedures of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) and Bone marrows performed in 2500 and 1000 patients / year respectively.

Postgraduate Programs:

Postgraduate programs of DCP, FCPS Histopathology, M.Phil in Histopathology started since 1989. Later M. Phil in Microbiology, Hematology and Chemical Pathology started. M.D. Histopathology started from 2011. Structured postgraduate programs with academic record of each resident kept. The training to 163 postgraduate residents imparted in DCP, FCPS Histopathology, M. Phil Histopathology, Hematology and Microbiology. Currently 23 postgraduate residents are enrolled in FCPS, M.D. and M. Phil Programs of Pathology programs.

Academic Activities:

Weekly clinic-Pathological Conference (CPC), active participation in clinical grand rounds, Multidisciplinary meetings, Journal Club, tutorial classes, review articles and Monthly workshops conducted. Additionally we hold weekly quality assurance meetings in which all incidence reports of problems of the week are critically analyzed and appropriate remedial steps are taken.

Research Activities:

Senior Postgraduate trainees along with supervisors involved in research activities on current trends helpful for better diagnostic facilities and targeted therapy to patients. Approximately 60 articals published in PMDC recognized journals by existing faculty and postgraduate residents of Pathology department.

Sections of Pathology department:

Histopathology& Cytopathology: FCPS, M.D and M. Phil programs are offered. Routine histopathology , Cytology, Touch imprints, Pap smears, Special stains, FNA, Immuno-histochemistry are performed. Multimedia, pent ahead microscope and TV monitors are usedfor teaching purposes. Manyoriginalresearch papers have been published.

Hematology: Section provides patient care, teaching and research in various areas. M. Phil program in Hematology are offered.Routine hematology testsare performed over auto analyzers.Trephine biopsies are performed annually.Coagulation, electrophoresis, special stains and Flow Cytometryare also used for various diagnostic and research purpose.

Blood Transfusion Services: TheTransfusion medicine serving all units of PIMS including burn center, Bone Marrow Transplantation Center and Cardiac Center . The blood is available as components viz Red cell concentrates. Platelets. Fresh Frozen Plasma.There are more than 1000 registered Thalassemia and Hemophilia patients. Who are all times dependent on the regular supply of the blood and its products. Blood from donors collected in triple bags. All the blood components are screened for HBsAg, Anti-HCV and HIV by Elisa method on fully automated analyzer. Plasmapheresis machine used to provide single donor mega platelet units to patients.

Chemical Pathology: Section performs routine chemistry test over sophisticated fully auto analyzers. Blood gases and electrolytes are performed round the clock 7 days a week. Tests of Endocrinology, Tumor Markers, Fertility Profile will be started soon. Internal quality control is regularly performed. The section is affiliated with National External Quality Assurance Program, Pakistan (NEQAPP). The results are displayed across Islamabad hospital through Laboratory Management Information System (LMIS). The section participates in ongoing structured residency programs running in the department.

Microbiology & Immunology: Cultures bacterial/ fungal, Routine urine/ stool examination, AFB screening, ELISA (HBV, anti HCV), Routine serology, Dengue serology. In addition to many routine microbiology tests, the section participates in various research programs. It keeps an eye on various types of infections and emergence of resistance.Department runs Infection Control programs and contributes valuablyin Infection Control Committee. In addition to PIMS residents, the section imparts valuable teaching and training to students of different other institutions.

Future Plans:

Hope that with the establishment of SZABMU,in future all the components will be merged and centralize as Institute of Pathology, PIMS, SZABMU. The pathology department will be upgraded in relation to latest curricula, adequate trained staff, space and latest equipments. Specialized tests i.e. FISH, Cytogenetics, NAT, HPLC, Drugs, Immunoflouresence, flow cytometer, PCR etc. will be started. All the disciplines of Pathology department will be accredited for Iso-15189 by Pakistan National Accreditation council (PNAC). External Quality Assurance program with American College of pathologists will be established.Collaboration with other national and international institutions will be established.The department will deliver reliable quality services to patients and training, research facilities to undergraduate and postgraduate residents. Postgraduate programs of MD, FCPS, Ph.D will be started in all disciplines of Pathology.

Faculty of department:

S No. Name Designation Specialty
1 Prof. Ashok Kumar Tanwani Head of Department Histopathology & Cytology
2 Prof. Hassan Abbas Zaheer Professor Hematology & Blood Bank
3 Dr. Haroon Khan Associate Professor Chemical Pathology
4 Dr. LubnaNaseem Associate Professor Hematology & Blood Bank
5 Dr. Ahmreen Khalid Assistant Professor Histopathology & Cytology
6 Dr. Rubina Kamran Assistant Professor Microbiology
7 Dr. Rukhsana Malik Associate Pathologist Chemical Pathology
8 Dr. HumairaRizwan Medical Officer Hematology
9 Dr. RoshanParveen Medical Officer Hematology

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