As part of one of the renowned public sector hospital, PIMS Islamabad, Cardiac centre has a bright journey and valuable tangible contribution towards betterment of cardiac and related health ailments, CARDIAC CENTRE PIMS is officially functional since 2016, and is an extension/continuation of cardiology department of PIMS and is located in the heart of the capital city of Pakistan. We are providing superior cardiac treatment to approximately 150000 OPD patients, 5000 in-patients and nearly 70000 emergency cases per year. At the same time Cardiac Centre is providing 24/7 cardiac cover to all allied med and surgery and MCH of the hospital. We are performing 5000 interventional procedures per year including complex PCI, peripheral interventions. PPM,RFA, pericardocentesis and cardiac surgical procedures per year


Prof. Mohammad Naeem Malik


Messege of HOD

Cardiac Centre, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, encompasses a unique and comprehensive multifaceted approach to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. Made up of several sub-departments striving for excellence, the cardiovascular specialists of Cardiac Centre, PIMS can bring each patient a focused and individualized level of care which is difficult to achieve without honesty, dedication and professionalism that our doctors harbour.

The Department of Cardiology is proud to be part of this institute which will allow us to continue our role as being one of the leading institutes in twin cities in the delivery of Cardiovascular care.

Consistent with the mission of PIMS, the Department of Cardiology is committed to providing high quality, culturally competent, and comprehensive health care services in a teaching and research environment which improves the health and well-being of the residents of tye catchment areas and contiguous areas.

We always stand ready to help you, your family or a loved one should the need arise. May Allah help his in this effort, always

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