College of Nursing

Back Ground History

College of Nursing at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad has been in existence since February 1987 and was initiated through friendly cooperation between the Japanese and Pakistan Governments with funds from JICA.  Total covered area of the college is 70,000 sqft.  The College of Nursing imparts post basis training in the specialized field of nursing with at least 5years experience after being qualified nurse.


Aims and objective of the college were to provide competent nurses, head nurses, clinical supervisors and nursing incharge in specialized nursing program.  Utilizes the nursing process to provide nursing care to the patient in the hospital and community with emphasis on primary health care.  The purpose of the college was also to prepare professional nurses who utilize advanced knowledge and technologies in the nursing practice with clients in their respective specialties as well as professional nurses who are able to promote and environment facilities to life long learning.


College of Nursing comprises of Principal, Medical Officers, Instructors and other officials.

Course Offered

Qualified from all over the country are selected/nominated for various training program for one year like;

Anesthesia Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Intensive Care Unit/Coronary Care Unit

Operation theatre Nursing

Pediatric Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing

Ward Administration

Teaching Administration (for 2 years)

The theory and demonstration classes are held at the college and clinics are at the appropriate departments of Islamabad Hospital and children's Hospital, with field visits to the places, related to nursing specialization.  The teaching is carried by the faculty of the college as well as specialists of PIMS and guests lecturer according the courses offered.  College of Nursing has its academic council and their rules regarding all activities of the college. courses are for two years.


College has the facilities under mentioned;

Administration Block

Education block


Main Lecture hall




Hostel for 122 students


Total percentage of graduate nurses during March 1987 to December 1999 was 92.14%


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