School of Nursing


The School of Nursing is one of the component of the Pakistan Institute of medical Sciences Islamabad.  The School of Nursing organized in September 14 1987.  Basic General Nursing training started from 1 October 1987 and School of Midwifery starts in 1992.  The School of Nursing is affiliated with Nursing Board, Lahore-Pakistan.  The total covered area will be 19942Sq.f.t and that of hostel will be 43485sq.ft.


The objectives of the School of Nursing are as follows;

To overcome the shortage of nurses in the country

To train nurses

To train nurses in specialized disciplines such as midwifery

To improve professional standard of the nursing


CMT comprises of Principal, Vice Principal, Medical Officers, Nursing Instructors and lecturers.

Course Offered

Existing position of the School of Nursing is 156 students.  Duration of basic nursing is for three years and that of midwifery is one year.  During the course the courses related to the medical profession and nursing care has been taught.


School of Nursing granted stipend to the students according to existing government rules.  School of Nursing provides accommodation facilities to the students subject to its availability.


Classes were started with 13 probationary student nurses in School of Nursing at the time of its commencement and uptil now the total students passed out from school of nursing are 264 and that of school of midwifery are 159.

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