Department of Oncology


Oncology is the branch of medicine that specialises in the study, treatment, and management of cancer right from the diagnosis of cancer to all the different treatments of cancer and palliative care. A doctor who specialises in oncology is called an oncologist. A cancer patient is managed and treated by an oncologist. They diagnose cancer and then assign a stage depending on the severity of the disease. The treatment options are discussed and explored. If required the patient is then referred to the care of an oncologist who specialises in particular cancer and its treatment. Most times the treatment involves oncologists from different specialities such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy working together on treating and managing a patient.

More About Us:

Our team of doctors and specialists at Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences – PIMS provide medical oncology services and treatments through specialised as well as multi-disciplinary teams as and when required to give the best possible treatment and cancer care services for each patient.


Dr. Qaiser


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