Department of Radiology


Head Of Department: Prof. Dr.Ayesha Isani Majeed

Brief detail about department with date of commissioning:

The department of diagnostic imaging was commissioned in the year 1985. During the early days, the department was accredited with MCPS and DMRD training program, until 1992 when Prof. Dr. ShaziaFarooqi was appointed as the head of department. Under her supervision, the FCPS training was also initiated. At the moment, the department offers very robust and vigilant FCPS and MD programs. The candidates who opt for these training programs are trained and groomed to possess knowledge, skills and competencies required to pass their exit exam and at the same time become accomplished future radiologists. Many of the candidates who acquired their training and skill in this department are now working as proficient Radiologists across Pakistan and abroad. Under the supervision and guidance of the head of department Prof. Dr. Shahla Zameer and other consultants, there are at present, 22 FCPS and 07 MD trainees working in the department who are acquiring knowledge, skills and experience and are on the way to having successful future ahead. Rough number of trainees who have been trained here is 100

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