Department of Anaesthesia


The Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care is one of the largest departments at the Pakistan Institute Of Medical Sciences. Department was established in the year 1987 along with the surgical ICU. Over the years, various subspecialties were added to the main block of the hospital and our department has always supported new developing specialties with their full manpower support.

More About Us:

The department of critical care medicine was formally commissioned in 2005, as a component of the department of anesthesia with the cooperation of the French Government, with whom the government of Pakistan signed an MoU. As a result of this co-operation, the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU), which were previously working independently and as open ICUs, were brought under the umbrella of the Department of Anesthesia. The department holds the distinction of having the first closed ICU in Pakistan, through which the entire responsibility of care rests on the shoulders of the critical care physicians.


Services & Facilities

We take pride in the range of services provided in our department

Our team is dedicated in its effort to ensure that quality care is provided free-of-cost to those in need. We are continuously expanding and serving more patients with the best healthcare..
1- Virtual rounds
2- EEG facility
3- Endoscopy
4- Plasmapheresis
5- Bronchoscopy
6- Colonoscopy
7- Tracheostomy (Percutaneous and open)
8- Ultrasound and Echocardiography

Head Of Department: Prof. Rana Imran Sikandar

Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care Medicine, provide patient care at various components of PIMS under supervision of the team of experts having years of experience. We have 22 theater suites distributed at IH, CH, MCHC, BCC, Cardiac and Hepatobiliary/transplant units. During the year 2013 we catered anesthesia services to about 13369 patients (2913 emergency procedures) at main complex, 6661 patients at children hospital, 5955 patients at Maternity child health center and about 300 patients at Burn Care Center.

With a team of 30 assistant anesthetists and post graduate trainees. We cater labor analgesia services for our obstetric patients round the clock. Our team of experts is also involved in the management of patients at Surgical and Medical Intensive Care Units, Hepatobiliary ICU, Pediatric ICU and ICU at Burn care Centre. During 2013 about 400 patients were admitted at surgical and medical intensive care units for treatment of various disorders. Our department is part of the team in emergency situations like Earthquake 2005, mass casualties in road traffic incidents and blast injuries.

Regarding academic activities, we offer education and training of post graduates for FCPS, MCPS, and Masters in Critical Care Medicine. Future vision includes establishment of Acute and Chronic pain management services at our institute.

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