Department of Anesthesia (Services)

Anaesthesia services in The Children Hospital were commissioned in 1987. Up to 2003, 56614 patients have been provided anaesthesia services; graphic depiction of 17 years' workload is shown below. The Children Hospital PIMS is 205-bedded hospital. We operate 4 operating tables where elective as well as emergency anesthesia services are provided for newborn to 12-year-old patients. Correction of congenital anomalies constitutes our major workload.

There is an 8-bedded Pediatric Intensive Care Unit equipped with highly sophisticated ventilators and monitors for patient monitoring and resuscitation

In 1999, 125-bedded Mother & Child Health Center was commissioned having 4 operation theatres. It was started from one operation table per week and soon achieved the target of four operation tables four days a week along with emergency anesthesia services round-the-clock. Epidural service for painless labor is also available. Anesthesia service for a total number of 9585 patients has been carried out in 5 years.

Human Resources and Infra structure:

  • Dr. M. Iqbal Memon, MCPS, FCPS,,Associate Professor/Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Shahid Amin Hyder, MCPS, DA, Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Shahid Ali, MCPS, Associate Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Rehmat Ali, MCPS, Associate Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Shoaib Haider, MCPS, FCPS, Assistant Professor
  • Dr. Akhtar Afzal Subzwari, Assistant Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Majeed Afzal, Assistant Anaesthetist
  • Dr. Sohail Hassan, Assistant Anaesthetist

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